Samstag, 8. November 2008

Prop. 8

So as you all know Prop. 8 passes. I think this is a sad day. America took one step forward with voting for Obama as a black President and now America is making 2 steps backwards with the ban on gay marriage. Shouldnt we all have equal rights !?

I`m so sad for Ellen & Portia and all the other gay couple who getting married in this time. Now they took away the rights of all of them. My Heart goes out to all of you.

Here is what Ellen wrote on er website about this :

A Peaceful Protest for Equality
November 7, 2008 | Posted at 5:19 PM
Well, as I said, everybody is still excited about our new president. Congratulations Barack Obama! And to Michelle and the kids and the new puppy that they’re going to get! That’s really exciting. I’ll tell you what’s not exciting though, what’s going on here in California.

Proposition 8 passed, and this is a proposition that would ban gay marriage. You know I’ve been talking about this on the show a lot, and it’s something that I am obviously very invested in. And it would be the first time in history that they would change the state constitution and take rights away. That’s just amazing, and it’s too close to call… and so there was a demonstration here on Wednesday night, and just before I walked out here I was watching the news and there is a huge, huge, peaceful demonstration going on in the streets and I say, good for you, and I support you and if I weren’t here, I’d be out there with you.

Here we’re taking a giant step toward equality, and then this is happening and I don’t understand it, and like I said, I’m there with you in spirit. It’s crazy.

My Thoughts on This Historic Election
November 6, 2008 | Posted at 2:00 PM
Watching the returns on election night was an amazing experience. Barack Obama is our new president. Change is here. I, like millions of Americans, felt like we had taken a giant step towards equality. We were watching history.

This morning, when it was clear that Proposition 8 had passed in California, I can’t explain the feeling I had. I was saddened beyond belief. Here we just had a giant step toward equality and then on the very next day, we took a giant step away.

I believe one day a “ban on gay marriage” will sound totally ridiculous. In the meantime, I will continue to speak out for equality for all of us.

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