Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008

Lets get serious for a couple of minutes folkes

wow I almost dont know what to say. that is so horrible. it shocked me to hear that something like this happened and it shocked me to see Ellen almost cry. Ellen`s words are so true . Your not a human second class when your gay. beeing gay is normal.

I thank Ellen for these words , cause when something like this happens the whole gay community is affected.

I dont know what to say. It was brave and very very good from Ellen to give a statement to this . Her word are true. And seeing Ellen talking about something so shocking make me even love her more. Cause it showed one more time Ellen`s great humaneness . Even If it breaks my heart to see her almost in tears.

My heart and thoughts goes out to Larry and his family.

P.S.: Haters get away from my Blog !!! disrespect messages will be deleted.