Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

Ellen Tops Oprah on No. # 1 TV Personality

Openly lesbian household name Ellen DeGeneres has surpassed superstar Oprah Winfrey as America's favorite TV personality among adults in a nationwide Harris Interactive poll.

American TV viewers have showed a strong preference among the general population, and especially single women and Democrats, for the actress and veteran stand-up comedienne. DeGeneres, bumping Oprah into the #2 slot, becomes the first openly gay celebrity to reach #1.

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to making television history. In April of 1997, concurrent with her coming out as a lesbian in real life, her character on her sitcom Ellen also came out, making "Ellen Morgan" not only the first openly gay leading primetime character, but also the first one to be played by an openly gay actor. One station in Alabama refused to air the episode, and the show lost sponsors as well.

DeGeneres went on to be named Entertainment Weekly's 1997 "Entertainer of the Year."

Currently, Ellen hosts The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a daytime talk-variety show that recently garnered its 21st daytime Emmy, among other honors, since its debut in 2003. Earlier in her career, in 1982, DeGeneres was voted "Funniest Person in America," leading to her first appearance on the Johnny Carson show, and supporting roles on television, with the honor of "Best Female Club Standup" following in 1991.

I say congrats to you Ellen. Now everybody sees what we ( Fans) know since ever , your the best Person from your heart and your funny way. Congrats , we love you.

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