Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2007

Poll has closed for this Week

So this weeks Question doesnt brought many votes but anyway here are the results :

"Wich Season of The Ellen Degeneres Show do you like the most ? "

On No. 1 you voted Season 5 . And Season 1-4 are on No. 2.

I think its a good choice, I personally like this Season the best cause Ellen is mentioning Portia a lot which she never did that much in the past Seasons. It shows that she is now there where she wanne to be and totally confi.

And what else I like on this Season is that Ellen is more topical. She speaks about everything and says her opinion to that. And also talk with her guests about this.

And as all the other Seasons before this Season is funny as hell.

Keep on keeping on Ellen. We love you.

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